An Easier Way to Manage Your Phone In Salesforce

Fastcall is a lightweight, simple-to-use, and powerful dialer designed to increase your productivity and revenue fast.

Fastcall - An Easier Way to Manage Your Phone In Salesforce

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We are Salesforce subject matter experts. Because we are 100% focused on Salesforce, we are consistently adding new features and updates tailor-made for Salesforce users like you.



User onboarding is easy because Fastcall uses Salesforce Lightning Design System. Fastcall looks and feels like Salesforce. There is no additional user login.

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Fastcall is completely built in Salesforce, so there is no need for integrations or APIs that can increase security risks and leave you more vulnerable to a hack.

100% dedicated to Salesforce

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Outbound Calls - An Easier Way to Manage Your Phone In Salesforce

Outbound Calls

Accelerate your revenue and streamline your workflow by automating your outbound calls and voicemail messages.


Inbound Calls - An Easier Way to Manage Your Phone In Salesforce

Inbound Calls

Increase productivity and give your customers a better experience by routing calls intelligently and programming multiple phones to ring at the same time.


SMS Messaging - An Easier Way to Manage Your Phone In Salesforce

SMS Messaging

Conduct business via phone calls or text messaging – whichever platform your customers prefer.


Information Management- An Easier Way to Manage Your Phone In Salesforce

Info Management

Easily manage and analyze team member performance with automatic call logging, real-time reporting, call recording, and listen in functionality.


Salesforce Mobile - An Easier Way to Manage Your Phone In Salesforce

Salesforce Mobile

Outbound calls can be completed from the Salesforce mobile app. You can use your Fastcall caller ID and record calls.

Video Calls - An Easier Way to Manage Your Phone In Salesforce

Video Calls

Video is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your co-workers. Every interaction is logged in Salesforce.


Outbound Calls

Dial by List


Meet Your Sales Call Goals

Make more calls and meet your daily outreach goals by choosing your leads for the day and then automating your outbound dials to them. Building your custom list is as easy as looking through your records and checking a box. During each Dial-By-List call, Fastcall will automatically populate your screen with the appropriate account information, so you can stay focused on selling.

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Save Time By Never Having To Manually Dial Phone Numbers

Fastcall turns the phone numbers of your Salesforce contacts into hyperlinks, enabling you to quickly and easily call your contacts with a mouse click. This simple change can shave enough seconds off each call that this one feature alone can save you more than 40 hours in a year.

Click to Dial

Voicemail Drop

Voicemail Drop

Leave Pre-Recorded Voicemails With The Click Of A Button

When you get a lead’s answering machine, Fastcall enables you to quickly leave a pre-recorded voicemail. You can hang up and move on to the next call, while Fastcall does the rest of the work for you. Pre-record multiple message options, so you can choose the message that makes the most sense for your lead, and set permissions so that multiple people within an organization can use the same message.

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Be Local

Get More People To Answer Your Calls

When you make a phone call with Fastcall, you can program it so that a local area code always shows on a prospect’s callerID. According to Salesforce, a local phone number makes people more likely to answer your call by 400%. More answers mean more opportunities to sell.

Local Caller Id
Worldwide Calling

Worldwide Calling

Conduct Business Around The World

We help businesses located worldwide affordably call and SMS message customers both locally and internationally. Scale your business and widen your customer base with easy international dialing.

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Inbound Calls


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) / Auto Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatically Direct Your Calls Where They Need To Go

IVR allows you to easily program how to treat calls based on user action. For example, Fastcall allows you to set up a professional voice or phone keypad-activated menu that transfers your callers to the right department. ACD takes this a step further by automating call routing based on specific rules that you define. For example, Fastcall can ensure an even round-robin distribution of calls to sales representatives.


Customer Recognition

Access A Caller’s Account Information Instantly

When a customer or lead calls and they have already been entered into Salesforce, an incoming call screen will pop up that gives you an overview of their account. This allows you to increase personalization and develop better relationships by being able to greet customers by name, see their account history, and other details instantly.

Customer Recognition



Do Business From Anywhere By Linking All Of Your Phone Numbers

When you get a lead’s answering machine, Fastcall enables you to quickly leave a pre-recorded voicemail. You can hang up and move on to the next call, while Fastcall does the rest of the work Simulring supports today’s on-the-go business culture by enabling you to have the same incoming call ring across multiple phones at the same time, including landlines, mobile phones, office/desk phones, and softphones. You can also program Simulring to ring across multiple people within an organization at once, further preventing missed inbound calls and increasing productivity.



Connect With More Customers By Rolling Over Your Calls

Every missed call is a missed opportunity. Overflow helps you prevent missed calls by routing unanswered calls to alternative phone numbers. For example, if you don’t pick up at your desk, Fastcall can then automatically send the call to your mobile.

Roll Over Your Calls
Call Routing

Call Routing

Automatically Send Your Calls Where They Are Supposed To Go

Fastcall’s call routing features increase your sales by decreasing missed calls and minimizing the amount of time you spend on the phone NOT selling. The Routing To Record Owner functionality recognizes a customer’s phone number and instantly routes it to the account record owner without another sales rep having to answer and transfer. Time of Day Routing tells your calls where to go depending on the time of day, for example, forwarding them to a home or mobile line, sending them to a call center open overseas, or to voicemail after hours.


Call Transfer

Transfer to One Or Multiple People

Fastcall’s Call Transfer feature allows businesses of varying sizes to be nimble. From transferring calls to one person to transferring calls to multiple people at the same time, we’ve got you covered.

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Call transfer to one or multiple people icon
Multiple Phone Numbers

Multiple Phone Numbers

Every User Can Own Multiple Phone Numbers

Whether you need several phone numbers with specific area codes or want to program different routing paths for various types of customers, Fastcall helps you be effective and flexible by allowing every user to have multiple phone numbers.

Explore Multiple Phone Numbers

Omni-Channel Support

You Won’t Be Sent Calls When You’re Not Ready

Fastcall is compatible with Salesforce’s Omni-Channel functionality. This means that if you are busy in Salesforce – from answering calls and emails to online chatting or note-taking – you won’t get sent a call. Instead, we can route the call to another rep who is available.

Explore Omni-Channel
Omnichannel Support
Voicemail transcription

Voicemail Transcription

Listen Or Read Your Voicemails

Fastcall allows you to easily keep track of your voicemails with its transcription features. Not only are your voice messages emailed to you as audio files, but they are also emailed to you as text. This allows you to get caught up in seconds, enhances your productivity, and decreases your call-back time.

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SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging

SMS Messages

Close More Sales By Conducting Business Via Text Message

Give your sellers the utmost flexibility by empowering them to close sales on the phone or via SMS messaging. Fastcall users can send and receive SMS messages directly from Salesforce and all of a user’s SMS activity is automatically logged in Salesforce, just like a phone call would be.

Explore SMS Messaging

SMS Templates

Save Time By Creating Reusable and Pre-Written Text Messages

From appointment confirmations and meeting follow-up notes to promotional offers and payment reminders, Fastcall allows you to save time by populating your commonly used SMS messages with pre-written text. Instead of typing out the same message each time, all you have to do is click a button.

Explore Pre-Written Messages
SMS Templates

SMS by List


Drum Up Business With Bulk Texts

SMS-By-List allows you to reach multiple clients or leads via SMS at once, directly from within Salesforce. This is a great way to alert pre-selected customer groups of sales, promotional offers, deadlines, and more. Let Fastcall do the heavy lifting for you.

Explore Dial & SMS by List

SMS Automation

Save Time With Automated SMS Messages

Increase your productivity and streamline your SMS communication by automating your text message sends based on specific conditions set in Salesforce. For example, you could automatically send a text message to any lead after they complete a web-to-lead form. All automated SMS messages are instantly logged in Salesforce.

Explore Automatic Delivery
SMS automation feture for Salesforce

Info Management

Call Recording

Record Your Calls To Improve Customer Service And Training Programs

Recording customer calls is an invaluable way to develop your sales and customer service teams. Get your new employees ready to be on the phone by having them listen to previous calls and coach your current team members by reviewing their actual customer conversations. Fastcall’s call recording functionality also allows agents to stop and resume call recording as needed.

Explore call Recording
Call recording

Call Logging

Call Logging

Automatically Input All Of Your Phone Activity Into Salesforce

We help businesses located worldwide affordably Fastcall saves you hours of manual data input time and administrative work by automatically entering all of your phone and SMS activity for you. Automating your data entry in this way also ensures that there are no missed entries and your reports are 100% accurate.

Explore Call Logging


Your Reports Are 100% Accurate

Because Fastcall is native to Salesforce, there is no need to connect via the Salesforce API. This means there is NO lag time between syncing servers and all your data is always 100% up-to-date and accurate.

Explore Repoirting
Listen In

Listen In

Managers Can Listen To Live Customer Calls

Fastcall empowers your management team to listen to customer calls as they are happening, either on mute or as a participant. This allows managers to train and coach teams more efficiently – whether team members are new or veterans – and to get a sense of what is happening on the sales floor in real-time.

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