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Unit – Setting up a Site (Optional) Sites have been deprecated in favor of the Fastcall Service

This unit will take you through setting up a site to enable integration between Fastcall and Twilio.

As mentioned in the prior step, this is also a good time to log a call to test that the Salesforce Task is created as expected.


A site is required for Fastcall to communicate with Twilio. You can read more about sites here.

Do not re-use an existing site for Fastcall – set up a new one.

1. Search ‘Sites’ in Salesforce Setup

2. Set a site sub-domain name

If you haven’t already done so, you need to set a sub-domain for your sites. You can read more about this here. This sub-domain is public-facing and may be used for other integrations with your Salesforce org, so something like the name of your company is suitable.

3. Create a new site

Click on ‘New’.
The required settings are:

  • The default web address ends with ‘/fc’
  • The site is ‘Active’
  • The Active and Inactive Site Home Pages are ‘InMaintenance’
  • Site Template = Site Template
  • Require a secure connection (HTTPS)
  • Update all request to HTTPS
  • Enable Sniffing Protection
  • Enable Cross-browser Protection
  • Enable Referral Protection

It may also be sensible to set the Site Label and Site Name to ‘Fastcall’ so you can find it later.

Screenshot of the Fastcall site edit

4. Give the Site Guest User a license

On the Site detail page look for a button named ‘Public Access Settings’ > ‘Assigned Users’ > Click on the name ‘Site Guest User’. This will take you to the Salesforce page for the Site Guest User. Scroll to the bottom of the page to ‘Managed Packages’ > Assign Licenses. Select Fastcall. The Site Guest User should also have a Fastcall Site Guest Permission Set.

Screenshot of the site detail page

Salesforce requires that the Site Guest Use have a license.

Salesforce uses this license, they do not show it under Setup > Packages. The licenses is used but not managed with user licenses. Salesforce is a bit confusing in this area. The extra license is used by the Site Guest and not available to assign to a user.

5. Set the Site to be used with Fastcall

In the Salesforce App Launcher look for Fastcall then the tab for Fastcall Settings. You will see Users Settings and Admin Settings. For your initial testing, you may be working in both. In the Fastcall application, navigate to ‘Admin Settings’ > ‘VoIP Settings’ > ‘ Site’. Select the site you just created from the dropdown. Be sure to use the HTTPS site if you required a secure connection when creating the site.

Screenshot of the Fastcall "Salesforce Site Setup" setting

If you are in a Sandbox you will need to manually enter the site URL using the ‘Advanced Site Setup’ button. Copy the site URL from the Salesforce Sites page. Sbox only. Be sure to use the HTTPS site.

You can now continue with the next unit in the Fastcall Setup module – provisioning phones.

Last updated: Fastcall version 7.72, 2022-10-14

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