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With Fastcall, managers can silently observe live calls in “listen in” mode from our dashboard. The manager can join an in-progress call on mute or can whisper to the active caller.

NOTE: Listen-in must be enabled and can be set for a single user or all users. Once in the Fastcall dashboard you can filter by call direction, users, etc

In the Fastcall dashboard, you will see calls in progress. You may also see completed calls, and missed inbound calls. On the detail section to the right, you would find a yellow button, pressing there you see listen in options. Select a phone number, Fastcall dials you and then bridges you into the conference call. You can start to listen.

Listen in – Dashboard View

When a manager joins a call from the user panel using “listen in” the manager is on mute.

Users with active calls will have this red icon

‘Listen in’ is an upgrade found in the Sales+ Edition of Fastcall



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