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Unit – Dashboard

This unit explains the Fastcall dashboard and how you can use it to quickly access other functionality in Fastcall. The dashboard will have to be enabled for you by your administrator.

The Fastcall dashboard is accessible by all Fastcall users and gives an overview of the activity. It’s added as a Salesforce tab like any other.

Call List

The Call List tab allows you to see all calls that belong to you, including those in progress. You can filter the calls by a range of criteria.

Clicking on any row in the Call List will bring up further details. You can also:

  • Open the Call Record itself to view all details
  • Dial the linked record in the Call
  • Change the related record
  • Delete the Call Record

Finally, you can dial a list of calls from the dashboard, for example, you can filter all missed calls made to you on a given day and return them all.

Fastcall Administrators can see all calls from all users. Administrators can terminate ongoing calls or trigger the ‘listen in’ feature, if enabled.


This tab is only visible to Fastcall Administrators

The Users tab allows you to see all users, including their current status and performance towards goals. You can filter by username or group membership.

Clicking on any User record will allow you to see more details about their performance.

Last updated: Fastcall v6.0.2, 2019-01-15

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