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Unit – Receiving a Call

In this unit you will learn how to control your availability and receive calls in Fastcall.

This unit assumes you’ve completed the previous units in the Fastcall Basics module.

1. Open the Fastcall application in the Salesforce Utility Bar.

2. ‘Go Available’

Use the availability switcher at the top of the widget to ‘Go Available’. Availability controls how inbound calls to you are handled when using the softphone.

  • When the user is “offline”, we do not ring any phones. The call would go to VM. (offline = do not call me)
  • If the user is “available” and the softphone is loaded on the page, we ring the softphone and then any overflow device.
  • If the user is “available” and the user is logged out of Salesforce, we skip the softphone and ring any overflow device.
  • If you want users to be able to answer on their mobile phones they should log out of Salesforce as “available”.

Note: users do not need to have Salesforce mobile. But we do send notifications of an inbound call so it’s helpful to have. 

Screenshot of the user status widget control element

3. Answer your receiving device.

If your receiving device is the softphone, you can answer (or decline) the call using the Fastcall widget. Fastcall has other more advanced settings for inbound call routing. We will just cover the basics for now.

Screenshot of the receiving softphone information in the Fastcall widget

If this is the first time using Fastcall in your web browser, you may be asked to give permission to use your microphone at this point.

Allow microphone

5. Enjoy the call!

6. Hang up

The call will finish when either party hangs up.

Screenshot of the "hang up" button on the Fastcall softphone

7. Close the task

Write up the subject of the call and your call notes if necessary, and press the ‘close task’ button. Call notes get added to the Salesforce task representing the call.

Screenshot of "Close Task" button in Fastcall softphone call details

8. Record the call result

Call results are also added to the Salesforce task representing the call.

Screenshot of the Fastcall softphone call result recording

9. Receiving a call on another device (office or mobile)

Fastcall has options to route an inbound call to an office phone, SIP phone or mobile. We support simulring and overflow. When calls are answered outside the softphone you do not need to be logged into Salesforce or on a page with Fastcall loaded. If you are logged into Salesforce you will still see a notification that a call is ringing in your device. You will be able to answer the call outside the softphone and still take notes in Fastcall. We cover these options in the units ahead.

Screenshot of call reception on another device

Calls answered outside the softphone can still be logged in Salesforce.

Now you can continue with the next unit in the Fastcall Basics module.

Last updated: Fastcall version 8.0.0, 2023-03-21

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