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Unit – How Fastcall Relates Calls to Salesforce Records

This unit explains how Fastcall relates Call records to other Salesforce records. By the end of it, you will be able to use the ‘managed objects’ and ‘opportunity and case handler’ functionality of Fastcall to control it. Understanding this will allow you to explain to your users how this works and how to build reporting.


Having records of calls is all well and good, but it’s better if they’re related to the relevant records of other objects in Salesforce. For some objects, such as a Lead or a Contact, this relationship is obvious, because Fastcall knows the phone number on the call and that of the Lead or Contact. Fastcall also supports a lookup relationship to Case or Opportunity. You can add a lookup relationship to any custom object.

Managed Objects

To deliver this, Fastcall has a ‘Managed Objects’ setting, found under Admin Settings > Call Handling > Managed Objects. When an object is selected as a Managed Object, Fastcall will create a lookup field on the Call Object to the selected object. You can then add the related list for calls on the selected object page layouts. When you open a record for that object you can see all the Calls or SMS related to the record.

Managed Objects also add the Dial-by-List button on a custom object and help with inbound call search. Manage Objects can be set in search order. For example, Contacts first then Leads. If Fastcal finds the same phone number on multiple objects we will honor the search order set.

managed objects settings

Fastcall cannot change your page layouts. You will probably want to edit the page layouts for your Managed Objects to show a related list of Calls and SMS, and also for your Calls to show the relevant Managed Objects. There’s a separate unit on setting up page layouts in the Setup Guide.

Fastcall relationship between Calls and Managed Objects

Outbound calls

  • When dialing a phone number from a record page or list, the resulting Call will be associated with the record
  • If the phone number dialed through the dial pad has a record in the ‘Phone Lookup’ Object, that record will be used

Inbound calls

  • If the “from” phone number with an inbound call has a record in the ‘Phone Lookup’ Object, that record will be used
  • If Fastcall does not find a matching record, we will not relate the Call to a Managed Object.

Inbound Phone Lookup Object

Fastcall remembers the last association made between a phone number and a managed Object, whether or not this was made manually or automatically. This association is stored as a Record of the ‘Inbound Phone Lookup’ Object and is used in the association between Calls and Managed Objects. It is also used to control the related Record displayed in the Fastcall Widget.

Opportunity and Case handler

Fastcall has two features for improving the handling of Opportunities and Cases. When turned on, these work as follows. If a Call is related to a Contact that has an Account, or directly with an Account, you can also relate the Call to an Opportunity or Case belonging to the Account. This is done via the Fastcall Widget, on the ‘Related Records’ tab.

Task Multiple Relationships

Salesforce can handle multiple relationships on Task Records if “Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events” under “Activity Settings” is enabled. Fastcall can support this if the option “Multiple Contacts” is turned on under Fastcall Settings > Admin Settings > Logging > Widget Interface. This does not affect Call Records, which do not support multiple contacts.

Option to block automatic updates

Fastcall will add custom fields to your managed objects for the First Call Date, Last Call Date, and Call Count. These updates to the related happen when the call ends. However, you users cannot also edit the related record at the same time. We give you the option to block these updates in this setting.

Inbound lookup filters

Fastcall gives an option to filter the lookup. This is not a common option but you could block the lookup. For example, if an Account Status = Cancelled. The call would still ring but there would be no lookup of the related record.

How you can manually change the relationship between Calls and Managed Objects

The Fastcall widget can be used to change the Related Record ID of a call via the ‘Related Records’ functionality. When you change a Related Record with the widget, it will search for all Call / Task objects with the same phone number and direction and change their related object, including those owned by other Salesforce users. If you do not wish to update multiple records, do not use the Widget to change relationships.

Last Updated: Fastcall v8.0.0, 2023-03-27

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