The Fastcall voicemail drop is an awesome sales productivity tool and works great in combination with Dial by list and sales console.


Fastcall considers our method “human-assisted” answering machine detection. The user listens for the call to be answered by the machine or voicemail, and at the sound of the beep, drops the message. When the voicemail message plays, the user is dropped out of the conf.

In the image below the VM drop option is shown in the widget above the subject box and notes.

In this image, we show the voicemail drop option in the widget sidebar.

NOTE: There are automated phone applications that use answering machine detection, and Twilio offers this using a command “if machine.” Problem with automated detection is that there is a slight delay when a call is answered. And automated detection is not very accurate.

When the voicemail drop is used, Fastcall will use the title of the voicemail as your call result.