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Fastcall SMS in Salesforce Lighting Using Open CTI and Twilio

Sending messages is a great way to follow-up on a phone call or a voicemail. You can also use messages to remind prospects of a scheduled call or meeting.

If you are using Fastcall to route inbound calls, adding SMS to your subscription will log any messages sent to the inbound number in Salesforce. Messages can be forwarded to your mobile or email

Fastcall SMS allows you to send messages using your Fastcall phone number as caller ID. This number can then receive a returned message.

Each message creates a Task in Salesforce. Users can reply to an SMS with a call (phone icon), navigate to the Salesforce Task, or delete the Task.

Fastcall also has options for SMS templates and SMS-by-List.

Awesome SMS Settings

  • Forward SMS: to your email or forward to your mobile phone.
  • Note: Fastcall phones assigned to a group can receive a message, the message is received by one user.
  • SMS Templates: Fastcall SMS templates can be assigned to a user or group just like a message for voicemail drop.
  • SMS By List: Send one message to a list of contacts from a list view in Salesforce.
  • Call & SMS Restrictions Criteria: Select an object to add Call & SMS restrictions. Under Lead Restrictions Scope, enable CALL/SMS
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