Sending messages is a great way to follow-up on a phone call or a voicemail. You can also use messages to remind prospects of a scheduled call or meeting.

If you are using Fastcall to route inbound calls, adding SMS to your subscription will log any messages sent to the inbound number in Salesforce. Messages can be forwarded to your mobile or email

  • Just click a mobile number – or another message capable number
  • Write your message and send
  • A task is created in Salesforce
  • The message widget will also show a notification when there is an unread message.

Fastcall SMS allows you to send messages using your Fastcall phone number as caller ID. This number can then receive a returned message. Look in the footer of the Fastcall widget for the SMS icon. You will switch the mode between phone and SMS. You may also see an option for internal dialer and call goals.

Each message creates a Task in Salesforce. In the SMS detail screen, you will find two tabs: the body is the text message, detail gives metadata on the SMS. The footer shows an option to reply with a call (phone icon), navigate to the Salesforce Task, or delete the Task. The lookup to the Salesforce record, searching for new records or creating a new lead is managed in the widget. Just like calls.

Fastcall also has options for SMS templates and SMS-by-List.

In future releases, Fastcall will add message threading and automated messages triggered from Salesforce workflow.

SMS Admin Settings

Under My Settings / User Settings, you will see the option to forward SMS to your email or forward to your mobile phone.

Of course, when you reply from your mobile phone the Caller ID will be your mobile number and the thread moves to your mobile.

Fastcall phones must be SMS enabled when provisioned (under Admin Settings / Phone Numbers)

NOTE: Not all phone provisioned in Fastcall will be SMS capable. Fastcall will show the capability for each number. Fastcall phones assigned to a group can receive a message, the message is received by one user.


NOTE: In order to forward a message to the user’s mobile phone, the user must have a mobile phone on the Salesforce user record. The mobile phone in the screenshot “My Salesforce Profile” takes the numbers from the Salesforce user record.


Fastcall recently added SMS templates that can be assigned to a user or group just like a message for voicemail drop.



To send one message to a list of contacts, create a list view in Salesforce, select your contacts as usual and press dial with Fastcall. You will see a new screen called MASS DIALER. We use the same interface for dial by list and bulk SMS. On this page, you can dial the list or send SMS to the contacts you have selected.

When you select Send SMS you will see the widget screen with an option to draft a message or use your SMS Template.