Fastcall Vs Salesforce Lightning Dialer

Fastcall Vs Salesforce Lightning Dialer: Which Native Salesforce Dialer Is Right For You? Your company has made the smart choice to invest in Salesforce. Check. Now it is ready to make another smart choice – the implementation of a dialer. Gone are the days where a sales team has to waste time with the tedious… Read more »

Fastcall Version 6.10

In Fastcall Version 6.0 we announced: Omni-Channel Support (Beta) Improved ACD Routing Stop Call Recording Functionality Block Calls with “Do Not Call” Improved SMS Improved Call Results Setting For Version 6.1 we added: Fastcall mobile for Android (beta) SMS threading UPdated call goals Country code ringtones Updated Call, Connections, Attempts object page layouts UI improvements… Read more »

Native Salesforce Vs. Non-Native Salesforce Apps: Which Is Better?

To answer whether native Salesforce or non-native Salesforce apps are best, let’s first start with a question. What is a native Salesforce app? A native Salesforce app means that instead of an app being built outside of Salesforce and having to integrate with Salesforce using the Salesforce API, an app is built 100% INSIDE of… Read more »

Fastcall Version 6.00

Fastcall recently passed our 5-year anniversary in the AppExchange and as we move into year 6 we are super excited to announce Version 6.0. Plus many more goodies for 2019. In Versions 6.0 you will find OmniChannel support (beta), improved ACD Routing, the ability to stop call recording, “Do Not Call support,” we improved SMS… Read more »

Fastcall Version 5.90

If you have any ideas for new features, please reach out to us at Managed Object Controls objects searched for inbound calls and crate a lookup relationship between the object and the Fastcall Calls object. Assign Call Button When used in the Fastcall widget or directly on the call record, users can assign the… Read more »

Fastcall Version 5.80

If you have any ideas for new features, please reach out to us at Missed call email IVR updates Improved phone provisioning Coming soon Omni-Channel Support (Beta) Improved ACD Routing Stop Call Recording Functionality Improved SMS Managed Object Fastcall Mobile for Android (beta) Do Not Call

Fastcall Version 5.60

Improved user settings Fastcall had used the Salesforce user record for many of our user settings. By moving these settings off of the Salesforce user record we have been able to increase application performance. Recent call list Fastcall shows a recent call list in the widget. We give the option to create a lookup between… Read more »

Fastcall Version 5.50

Reduced backend processing time While reducing processing time is always a goal and an area we continuously improve, we released more significant improvements. Unified widget and dashboard UI With this update, you will find the UI of the widget more closely follows the dashboard. Voicemail transcription Voicemail can be optionally transcribed. The transcription can be… Read more »

Fastcall Version 5.40

  NEW RELEASES 5.40 In the last release, we created a new section in the admin settings named call handling we combined outbound, inbound, IVR, 3-way call settings, call recording, listen-in, and call transfer. Coaching using Twilio agent conference (manager whispers to a user). Cold call transfer (using 2 call legs vs a 3-way conference… Read more »