How does Fastcall differ from competitive apps?

There are many phone CTI applications in the Salesforce AppExchange. Finding the best fit is a combination of understanding the software – as developed for Salesforce – and your needs.   First question: Is Salesforce important to you? Are you looking for experts dedicated and committed to the only CRM that you care about, Salesforce?  As… Read more »

Fastcall Version 6.84

Fastcall Hold Functionality Fastcall has added a call hold function. While on an active call – inbound, outbound, or internal – the user can now answer or initiate a second call. This new functionality is supported in standard 2-leg calls. It is not currently compatible with Listen-in or Warm Transfer which use a 3-way conference… Read more »

Fastcall Version 6.70

Option to create a Case for inbound calls tied to an IVR Additional updates to the phone UI Support multiple users calling from the same list (Dial by List) Improvements to application settings

Fastcall Version 6.68

Fastcall Updates the Application User Interface (UI) In the most recent update of Fastcall, your call options are moving out of the sidebar. We’ve exposed the headset, device (ie softphone), and caller ID. These were under a settings menu before.  In the footer, you will find options for phone, SMS, internal dialer, keypad, and user… Read more »

Fastcall Call Goals and Call Lists – 2020

Fastcall planned calls are set for individual records over a time period. Example 5 calls in 5 weeks. Fastcall will schedule each planned call after the completed call. When added, Fastcall schedules the followup calls using a default timing which can be edited. Days are expressed in the number of days after the prior call.… Read more »


Version 6.66 is now available in the AppExchange. Fastcall Version 6.66 Call Lists – option to schedule next call Added daily options for call goals Improvement to call transfer Improvement to internal dialer UI update for the Fastcall phone application (Lightning only) Log menu selections within IVR (DTMF) Audio settings, calling devices and caller ID… Read more »