Improvements to Widget | Record Editor

Updated Fastcall permission for Fastcall Call record

Bug fixes

Previous Updates

Support for Spring ’22 Compatibility with Lightning Web Security

Lightning Web Security is the replacement of Lightning Locker Service.

New settings to handle user status

  • Always become available after a call
  • Outbound calls with no inbound
  • Prompt before making an outbound call if offline

Press 1 to accept the connection attempt

When used with auto call distribution (ACD) this optional setting allows the user to “press 1” to accept the call. The setting is designed to help when a mobile phone is used to answer ACD call. By asking the user to accept the call we can avoid the mobile phone. voicemail.

Global on/off switch for recording Internal calls

Allows further control of call recording.

Improve the user release flow and restrictions

As an admin, this update helps release users from Fastcall

Ability to record an audio message with the computer’s microphones

Audio can now be recorded using your computer microphone. Voicemails, IVR messages, etc.

An IVR to upsert records (used with process builder)

An IVR action can trigger a process

Improved inbound MMS with multiple media files

Inbound MMS images

Better handling of the Salesforce session expiration and WebSockets disconnect & reconnect scenarios

Other various fixes

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