Fastcall Announces Callme

THE FIRST PHONE AUTOMATION APP FOR SALESFORCE WEB TO LEAD FORMS LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 11, 2019 / — Fastcall, a Salesforce-native phone/SMS dialer, and CTI system, has announced its first spin-off product, a free Salesforce (NASDAQ:CRM) app download named Callme. Callme is the first and only app in the Salesforce AppExchange that allows users to… Read more »

SMS automation

Fastcall releases first ever SMS automation feature for Salesforce SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, October 17, 2018 / — Fastcall, a Twilio Build Partner and native Salesforce application, announced the first-ever simple SMS API for Salesforce this week at Twilio’s annual Signal Conference in San Francisco, CA. This new API leverages Twilio Programmable SMS to deliver a solution that allows Fastcall… Read more »

What’s New in Fastcall Version 5.0

NEW RELEASE 5.0 While Fastcall has many updates in our 5.0 Version, we are most excited about our new IVR FLOWS IVR – interactive voice response – is one of our special features. Fastcall IVR lets you manage incoming calls with audio messages, call transfer options including automatic call distribution, phone menus, voicemail, call recording,… Read more »

Fastcall Sponsors of Punta Dreamin 2018

WHAT IS PUNTA DREAMIN? Fastcall sponsors puntadreamin 2018 – Fastcall is getting ready for the second annual Latin American Salesforce Community event! The best part of all is that this is organized, run and delivered by people like you, people from within the Salesforce community. Read More Punta Dreamin is going to be a 2… Read more »

Fastcall Version 4.9

Fastcall Verson 4.90 3 WAY CALL In Fastcall version 4.90, we improved settings for Call Transfer and Listen In. We used to have an option to enable and disable Conference Call or Listen in, on Outbound and Inbound Calls. On Conference Call you were able to add a user to your call. On Listen in… Read more »

Fastcall Version 4.8

NEW RELEASE 4.8 On this new release, we improved call results to help make your work more productive with fewer clicks. We improved the functionality when logging Salesforce call results and implemented automatic call results and results associated to a specific Salesforce object. MANAGE CALL RESULTS CALL RESULTS FOR ALL OBJECT TYPES On your Fastcall… Read more »

Fastcall Version 4.7 [OUTDATED]

December 2017 Updates Improved VM Drop Option for international ring tones on inbound calls Delay before switching user status – super helpful for high volume inbound calls Improved recent call detail Improved timing for IVR Dial by list in Lightning Added helpful links to Twilio section Overall clean-up of admin settings including call results and… Read more »