Fastcall Dial by list is super efficient and convenient. You can set mini goals to dial 10-20-30 records in sprints. Filter “last activity date” and these records are removed from your view. Fastcall dial by list can be used in Salesforce Lightning, Console or in Salesforce Classic.

By default, Fastcall will dial from any Salesforce record: Lead, Contact, Task, Opportunity, etc. Fastcall can be used in Sales Console for added productivity. There are times when you want to dial from a list view. Fastcall allows you to select records from a list and dial one after the other. Fastcall keeps the user on a call while each outbound leg is dialed.

In our previous versions, Fastcall dial by list had a different operation than it has today. You selected your Lead, Contact, Task, Opportunity, etc. and pressed the “Dial with Fastcall” button. Then in the widget we saw a screen with a list and the start button.


Today, we manage a separate screen for this feature. We can see all the data of the call in a clearer and more spacious way.




Dial by List

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