Awesome Updates

Improved menu options – added extensions to groups

Callers can enter an extension for a group at any time during the greeting. Ex: “Press 101 for support.”
Note: The ACD settings were also recently updated. Each group can have unique ACD settings for inbound routing.

Fastcall Group Settings
An extension can be added to a group.

Packaged a sample Salesforce Flow to automate SMS.

The Flow is not active and is intended to be an example.

Previous Updates

Audio player for call recording

Fastcall Media Player

The Fastcall audio player can be added to the page layout for calls. With this page layout, the user does not leave Salesforce to review a call. Another benefit of the audio player is the ability to visualize the call. Our recommendation is to limit the call recording URL on the page layout.

Add a 3rd device for ringing calls

Fastcall user audio devices

Fastcall users set their audio devices. We have added a new option to ring the computer speakers while the call is connected to the headset.

User status improvements

Fastcall User Status

Fastcall inbound call routing is detailed here. We have added improved settings for user status. Under Admin Settings -> User Status, Fastcall gives options to define an additional user status. By default, we set “available” and “offline. A behind-the-scenes status is set when a user is on an active call. There is an option to log out a user who has missed calls. This “missed calls” status can be helpful in your reporting. You can also add a custom status. For example: “On Break.” When a user is offline, we have an option to prompt the user to become available again.

Added option to transfer a call to an IVR

A Fastcall IVR can be available for a user call transfer

Fastcall users can transfer calls to other Fastcall users, Salesforce users, a group of Fastcall users, a fixed phone or a Fastcall IVR. Note: transferring to a group or an IVR are similar but do have minor differences. A group will ring only those users until answered, ignoring any timeouts. An IVR has a timeout, can end in voicemail, or have other options.

Improvements to SMS opt-out

Added settings for user call transfer to a group
Conditional Caller ID
Improvements for Einstein Conversation Insights
Improvements to the Fastcall interactions component
Option to automatically delete call recordings
New settings to handle user status
Press 1 to accept the connection attempt
Ability to record an audio message with the computer’s microphones
Improved inbound MMS with multiple media files

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