Fastcall Version 8.10 – April 2023

More Improvements to SMS Fastcall added several improvements to manage SMS when sent to a group. We improved filters for calls and SMS. Added a flag for to mark an SMS “draft.” Interactions can be filtered SMS “read” flag Marking an SMS as “not read” can alert teammates that a message still needs attention. SMS… Read more »

Fastcall Version 8.04 – Feb 2023

Improved SMS Fastcall added several improvements to manage SMS when sent to a group. Timer added to inbound calls shows the time remaining to answer The timer was designed to help users know if a call is about to move the following user. Users are notified when the call route to the next IVR, user… Read more »

Fastcall Version 8.1 – Feb 2023

Fastcalll Version 8.0 was a significant application update. The next few iterations – including 8.01 – fixed bugs and improved the application. We delivered an Updated UI, more information with inbound calls, improved the Internal Dialer and call transfer. The Fastcall interaction history was updated. Task closing options were streamlined.

Fastcall Version 8.0 – Winter 2022

Fastcalll Version 8.0 is a significant application update. [Five min highlight video] The application’s front end now uses Redux to manage and centralize our application state (user status, call status etc). We’ve made changes to the user experience (UX) to deliver more relevant information to the user in a streamlined design. You will also notice… Read more »

How Is Our Salesforce Connected App Different From the Rest?

Fastcall’s Salesforce connected app logs and records customer interactions via phone SMS, and video. Discover why Fastcall is the best fit for you, here. How Is the Fastcall Salesforce Connected App Different? Fastcall is a fantastic add-on to Salesforce. Our app saves hours in lost productivity by logging every call with no data loss. Call… Read more »

How Salesforce and Fastcall Help Higher Education Be More Productive

Schools, universities and other educational institutions have one challenge in common. They need to constantly communicate with their students and often the parents as well. Software for Communicating with Students and Parents Obviously, the students and their parents are different generations; and guess what, that means they have different communication styles, prefer different communication channels… Read more »

Fastcall Version 7.72 – July 2022 [outdated]

Improved menu options – added extensions to groups Callers can enter an extension for a group at any time during the greeting. Ex: “Press 101 for support.”Note: The ACD settings were also recently updated. Each group can have unique ACD settings for inbound routing. Packaged a sample Salesforce Flow to automate SMS. The Flow is… Read more »