Version 6.58 is now available in the AppExchange.

Want to learn how to upgrade? Check out this post on updating Fastcall.

  • Fixed UI issue related to Winter 20
  • Fixed post-install script related to Winter 20
  • Added search to IVR settings
Fastcall IVR with Search
Fastcall IVR with Search

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fastcall Version 6.52 may require an update to the Salesforce Site Guest User. There should be a Fastcall Site User Permission Set. If the permission set is not present this must be added. Fastcall can also add this for you via support access.

Past Updates:

  • New call transfer option for hold music
  • Improve call logging for after-hours calls
  • New option to project Dashboard on a monitor
  • Improved settings for SIP phone
  • Calls to Leads maintain a lookup to converted Contacts / Accounts
  • Support for Twilio Client Opus (softphone codec)
  • The dashboard shows calls in a queue (holding)
  • User prompt to become available after an inbound call when the user is offline
  • Fixed bug: user voicemail cannot be assigned
  • Fixed bug: Missed call emails
  • Time-based routing in IVR
  • Improved caller ID for unknown calls (Skype, etc)
  • Other UI fixes
  • Improved caller ID and dialed number for inbound calls
  • New functionality using Salesforce Campaigns for dialing lists
  • Improved IVR hold options
  • Updated capability for call recordings
  • Deleted phones in Fastcall are maintained with status = deleted
  • Support for High-Velocity Sales
  • SMS templates with merge, improvements to threaded messages
  • Improved Fastcall support process (case creation)
  • Added UI for inbound phone lookup
  • Improved phone page layout
  • User settings – caller ID and device
  • Added name and called number (To phone) to inbound calls
  • Custom button add to the call object to fetch call details from Twilio
  • Updates to Twilio provisioning for new installs

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