Fastcall Version 6.2 is here!

Salesforce subscribers look forward to 3 major releases per year (Spring, Summer, Winter). But not all partner apps follow the same schedule. Or update the app at all. That’s not great at all.

Fastcall is proud to be one of the most frequently updated apps on the Salesforce AppExchange. If you have any ideas for new features, please reach out to us at

  • Threaded SMS messages
  • Improved call goals
  • Improved voicemail settings
  • Dial by list visual force page
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • “Do not SMS option”
  • We have also been working on our Android app.
  • Support for Chrome 72

Other recent updates

Omni-Channel Support (Beta)

When Fastcall recognizes that your reps are working on another task, they will not be sent a call.

Improved ACD Routing

Allowing for simulring on ACD phone systems allows your reps to get business done while they are on the go.

Stop Call Recording Functionality

Fastcall now allows for the ability to stop and restart call recording.

Block Calls with “Do Not Call”

We’ve added a helpful outbound “do not call” blocking feature that will not allow a team member to dial a phone number that has been flagged as “Do Not Call.”

Improved SMS

In Fastcall Version 6.0 we’ve updated our SMS capabilities so that you can now receive MMS messages. The ability to also send MMS is coming soon!

If you’d like to see the release notes for Version 6.0, click HERE. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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