Version 6.66 is now available in the AppExchange.

Fastcall Version 6.66

  • Call Lists – option to schedule next call
  • Added daily options for call goals
  • Improvement to call transfer
  • Improvement to internal dialer
  • UI update for the Fastcall phone application (Lightning only)
  • Log menu selections within IVR (DTMF)

Audio settings, calling devices and caller ID are now easier to visualize and access.

Fastcall Updated UI
Fastcall Updated UI
Fastcall phone update Jan 2020
Audio settings, calling devices and caller ID are now easier to access.

Improvements to call goals and call lists

Fastcall has added daily call goals. For example, if your goal is to call 5 times in 5 weeks, Fastcall will schedule each planned call after the completed call. We will report the dates of the planned and actual calls for detailed reporting. Call results and record status can be set to trigger achieved or failed goals.

After a completed call a new call record will be created with status equal “Planned”

Past Updates:

  • Call log: add missed and reply call time
  • Improved Fastcall admin reports (packaged Salesforce reports)
  • Add search option to Groups
  • Improve settings for time-based routing
  • Option to email ACD group when a call is missed
  • New call transfer option for hold music
  • Improve call logging for after-hours calls
  • New option to project Dashboard on a monitor
  • Improved settings for SIP phone
  • Calls to Leads maintain a lookup to converted Contacts / Accounts
  • Support for Twilio Client Opus (softphone codec)
  • The dashboard shows calls in a queue (holding)
  • User prompt to become available after an inbound call when the user is offline
  • Fixed bug: user voicemail cannot be assigned
  • Fixed bug: Missed call emails
  • Time-based routing in IVR
  • Improved caller ID for unknown calls (Skype, etc)
  • Other UI fixes
  • Improved caller ID and dialed number for inbound calls
  • New functionality using Salesforce Campaigns for dialing lists
  • Improved IVR hold options
  • Updated capability for call recordings
  • Deleted phones in Fastcall are maintained with status = deleted
  • Support for High-Velocity Sales
  • SMS templates with merge, improvements to threaded messages
  • Improved Fastcall support process (case creation)
  • Added UI for inbound phone lookup
  • Improved phone page layout
  • User settings – caller ID and device
  • Added name and called number (To phone) to inbound calls
  • Custom button add to the call object to fetch call details from Twilio
  • Updates to Twilio provisioning for new installs

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