If you have any ideas for new features, please reach out to us at info@fastcall.com.

Managed Object

Controls objects searched for inbound calls and crate a lookup relationship between the object and the Fastcall Calls object.

Assign Call Button

When used in the Fastcall widget or directly on the call record, users can assign the phone number to the Salesforce record. Matches are maintained in a lookup table.

Forward SMS to email

Fastcall Mobile for Android (beta)

Started working on an Android mobile app

Do Not Call

Criteria used to block outbound call.

Next up in Version 6.0

  • Omni-Channel Support (Beta)
  • Improved ACD Routing
  • Stop Call Recording Functionality
  • Block Calls with “Do Not Call”
  • Improved SMS
  • Improved Call Results Setting
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