Since releasing Fastcall Version 1.0 in 2013, I have talked to many sales and service teams around the world about Salesforce-native phones and later SMS. 

I have learned that Salesforce admins want applications that are easy to use and easy to support. 

Fastcall Admins came to the Appexchange looking for a lightweight, native phone application. 

That’s awesome – I tell our subscribers  – Fastcall has never written a line of code outside Salesforce. And that alignment is not just architecture. It is an alignment of focus. 

With that in mind, we have an exciting update to our SMS functionality. Up until now, SMS was available only in the OpenCTI utility (in the footer). OpenCTI – of course – is how Salesforce manages phone calls. 

But SMS is different. So we’ve added a new Lightning Component for interactions. Unlike the OpenCTI component which is tied to the user, this new interaction component is tied to the record. 

OpenCTI shows a user’s recent calls, SMS and gives user settings. The updated interaction component allows multiple users to interact with the Lead or Contact. 

Even better news! The component is available in Salesforce Mobile with templates, merge, and more. 

Fastcall “Interaction” in Salesforce Mobile

Fastcall interaction component added to the page layout

Fastcall in Salesforce Mobile – the interaction is on the Lead, Contact etc.

Component added to the page layout

Interaction component added to the page layout
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