Fastcall Updates the Application User Interface (UI)

In the most recent update of Fastcall, your call options are moving out of the sidebar.

We’ve exposed the headset, device (ie softphone), and caller ID. These were under a settings menu before. 

In the footer, you will find options for phone, SMS, internal dialer, keypad, and user stats.   

During an active call: 

  1. The active device, caller ID, network strength
  2. Record dialed (Lead, Contact, etc) – search option
  3. Tabs for subject and notes; task pick lists, call transfer, voicemail drop; 
  4. In the footer, mute, pause call recording, dial pad, and end call. 

Our User Experience team has more improvements in development. 

You will also see a big improvement with inbound call routing in the next month. Inbound calls will hold waiting for the user to become available. Active calls can be put on hold and a 2nd call can be initiated. 

Our Daily Call List will rank calls: inbound, web leads, missed calls, planned calls. This list will sort in real-time. 

Spring 2020 Fastcall Update
Fastcall in Salesforce Lightning
Fastcall navigation has moved to tabs.
Fastcall navigation has moved to tabs.
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