Fastcall connects to Twilio to dial your outbound calls and/or route your inbound calls. SMS too!

Fastcall is 100% installed in Salesforce. Native architecture gives us both a performance edge and an advantage in focus.

When Fastcall is installed from the Salesforce AppExchange, we will create a dedicated sub-account with Twilio. Twilio usage is within this sub-account and you pay only for usage based on the published Twilio rates. We think this is a more modern way to deliver our app. Fastcall does not mark up the Twilio published rates.

Our app is easy to use.  You will use Fastcall with only a few minutes of training.

How Fastcall bills for Twilio usage

Twilio subaccount

Twilio is connected to Fastcall using a sub-account. There is a parent Twilio account controlled by Fastcall, and the “subaccount” is used by the Fastcall application in your Salesforce org.  

Phones are provisioned in Fastcall

Phones are provisioned in Fastcall from the sub-account

When provisioning phones in Fastcall you can search by country and can narrow the search with exact digits. We are using the API to search Twilio inventory. Just remember this must be done in Fastcall.

Your call log data is in Salesforce.

While 99% of your processes are managed in Fastcall and Salesforce. There could be steps that happen in Twilio directly. Fastcall will manage this for you.

International address requirements

A few countries require that an address to provision a phone and Fastcall allows you to provide this address in our app.

Connect With Twilio

How to add, update, or map an address for a Twilio number in Fastcall

With identity documents, you will likely have to add addresses to your numbers that match the address on your documents. You add or update your addresses using Fastcall.  

Porting numbers to Twilio

Fastcall will help you port existing phone numbers to Twilio. It is important that you first check with your current carrier to confirm these numbers can be ported. Fastcall will instruct Twilio to put these numbers in your subaccount.

Fastcall will follow the steps outlined by Twilio here and we will submit the required documents to Twilio on your behalf. Twilio requires a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and a copy of your most recent Customer Service Record.

NOTE: the process for porting numbers does vary around the world. Twilio outlines the differences here.

Before the port completes, but after the request is submitted the phones will appear in your subaccount. The phones can be imported (synced) to Fastcall. The phones will not route calls until the port completes but you should sync them at this point. You will set up these phones with your desired route – or just set them to voicemail. Once the port completes the numbers will be set and ready to route calls. If this is not completed when the port happens calls will fail until the phones are set up to route calls in Fastcall.

ADVANCED: Upload an identity document for a Twilio number in Fastcall

A few countries require written address documentation (Germany, Italy, and others.) Please note these are government requirements that Twilio must follow. Twilio guidelines are found here. Fastcall will walk you through the steps to follow Twilio guidelines.

  • Fastcall Admin Settings\
  • Navigate to Phone Numbers –> Regulatory Compliance
  • Click the plus + to add new identity document
  • Provide the required information (depends on country):
    • Name of individual and/or entity registering the phone numbers
    • Details about the individual or entity as required in the form
    • Address, if prompted
    • Scanned copy of supporting identification documents.
      • Please note – the supporting identification documents must contain the same information as the required details
  • Submit form
  • Wait for the document to pass verification (up to 48 hours)

Other common FAQs.

  • Is Twilio required to dial a Salesforce record or route inbound calls?

Yes, Twilio is required.

  • Can I use one Twilio account for multiple users?

Yes, you can. You cannot use multiple Twilio accounts in one Fastcall account.

  • Does Twilio bill for usages?

Twilio is 100% usage-based; charging for voice minutes, phone numbers, SMS, and other usages. Twilio provides telephone service in many markets around the world and is very competitive. A complete list of countries served, along with pricing can be found on

  • Where can I find the Twilio settings?

Admin settings > Connect with Twilio

  • How to purchase phone numbers from Twilio?

Phones are provisioned in Fastcall. It is important that you do not provision a phone directly in Twilio.

  • What countries are supported?

Twilio has great documentation outlining international usage.

  • Does Fastcall integrate with Skype or another SIP provider?

No. Twilio does have an option to route calls to your SIP phones, but Twilio is still required. Twilio provides telecom as a phone application platform and API. Fastcall is entirely software and Salesforce native. Twilio gives Fastcall the tools to write our applications.

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