There are many phone CTI applications in the Salesforce AppExchange. Finding the best fit is a combination of understanding the software – as developed for Salesforce – and your needs.  

First question: Is Salesforce important to you?

Are you looking for experts dedicated and committed to the only CRM that you care about, Salesforce? 

As a “Salesforce-first” application, Fastcall is easier to use than non-native applications, where Salesforce is… second. Fastcall is on the Salesforce platform. When users log into Salesforce, they have access to Fastcall. Adoption rates and training are easy because a team only needs to learn one interface – Salesforce itself.

Fastcall is built 100% INSIDE of Salesforce using the Lightning Platform. Our app does not work outside Salesforce.

Second question: How important is the user interface (UI)?

I was reviewing the AppExchange and found these screenshots. The app looks nice, but this is not the Salesforce user interface (UI). This is not Lightning Design System. Users will know they are in another application and not Salesforce.

Which interface looks more like Salesforce?

Does not look like Salesforce
Nice UI, but it does not look like Salesforce
Fastcall UI looks like Salesforce
Lightning Design System – looks and feels like Salesforce

Third question: Does the developer update the app? Is Salesforce important to them?

I see apps that are listed, updated a few months later, then never updated again. What does that tell you? The app is not being maintained. The last release date is critical for any software. You expect applications to be maintained, fixed, and improved. Salesforce releases 3 major updates each year: Summer, Spring, and Winter. And these Salesforce updates bring new capabilities and security updates. You want your partner application to keep up with Salesforce. 

Latest Release
The app has good ratings and a few years of experience. Why did they stop updating the application in 2018?

Fourth question: What is being installed in Salesforce?

Salesforce developers create custom fields, custom objects, and utilize many Salesforce technologies. Salesforce shows you what is installed during and after the application is installed in detail. Here in the AppExchange Salesforce will show you the number of the custom objects. Zero objects tell you very little is installed in Salesforce. The application is running outside Salesforce. If data is created it is outside Salesforce.  

Which app is more integrated with Salesforce?

43 Custom Objects vs Zero?

Tip: When data is stored on an outside server – and not within Salesforce itself – then the app is not native. 

Fifth question: Where do your user login?

Look on the application developer’s website. Is there a login that happens on the site and not in Salesforce? Users are logging into an application outside Salesforce. Of course, this makes sense with 0 custom objects.

Login is outside Salesforce

Sixth question: What other integrations does the developer focus on?

Is this example there are 60+ integrations listed. Is Salesforce a priority for them?

aircall site Integrations list

Is Salesforce a priority?

Dedicated to Salesforce

Salesforce AppExchange Search for “CTI”

Here are the Salesforce applications listed under CTI (Computer telephone integration). Note the release date, last update, custom objects. You will also see that free apps are not always free.

Company Release Date Last Update Custom Objects Price Ratings
Fastcall 10/2/13 7/14/23 43 $24 107
Vonage 5/22/10 11/05/22 19 $25 848
Tenfold 1/2/13 9/6/22 0 $20 135
Amazon AWS 8/24/17 1/12/22 29 (Not) Free 37
Aircall CTI 9/13/17 2/21/23 0 $50 92
CloudCall 7/19/13 10/19/22 22 $25 217
InGenius 2/14/13 6/20/22 0 $32 61
Nice 1/9/14 1/21/22 9 $20 102
Talk Desk 4/14/16 2/2/22 31 $75 696
Ring Central 8/22/17 4/26/23 3 $19.99 52
Dial Pad 4/27/17 11/8/21 19 $25 96
8×8 7/20/15 3/4/22 0 $15 1
Five 9 9/1/09 2/4/22 11 $15 117

Why Fastcall is different…

Fastcall is 100% in Salesforce. And as a native application, Fastcall logs every inbound and outbound phone call without using the Salesforce API. Fastcall is smart because all the great data you collect with every customer phone call and SMS is logged in Salesforce in real-time for tight integration with your vital sales and marketing information. 

Your phone calls and SMS messages are logged in Salesforce as Tasks, Cases, Opportunities; you decide. Vital interaction data logged along with your customer emails, meetings, and other activities. With Salesforce-native Fastcall, your Salesforce reports are 100% up-to-date and 100% accurate. #cleandata 

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