Setup for the Fastcall Auto Call Distribution (ACD) in Salesforce

User Route with Voicemail

The easy setup for a Fastcall user phone is to set a user route with voicemail. Options include simulring or overflow.

Fastcall ACD with User Phone

Another option is to use a FastCall ACD with a user phone. You can route the call to a user, then if the user does not answer, route to a group.

Call to a user overflows to a Group

Fastcall Hold Option (Queue) with User Phone

In this option, we use the ACD with Queue to put the caller on hold until the user becomes available. For example, the user – Andres – is on a call. With basic inbound routing, the call goes directly to VM.

Using a Queue the caller is on hold (in a queue) waiting for the user to become available. When Andres ends an active call – or just come online, he can answer the holding inbound call. The user also has the option to press 0 to leave a voicemail. Or go to any other IVR.

Fastcall ACD with waiting option (Queue)

In this case, you would create a group and add the user to the group.

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