Fastcall Call Goals and Call Lists – 2020

Fastcall planned calls are set for individual records over a time period. Example 5 calls in 5 weeks. Fastcall will schedule each planned call after the completed call. When added, Fastcall schedules the followup calls using a default timing which can be edited. Days are expressed in the number of days after the prior call.… Read more »

Fastcall Keypad and Dialing Extensions

Helpful tips when using the Fastcall keypad and dialing extensions.   Fastcall Keypad Dialing Extensions When this setting is enabled, Fastcall will dial a number in this format 555-444-3333 X 1234

Fastcall Simulring: Softphone and Mobile

Here is an example of ringing the Fastcall softphone and mobile in simulring. The softphone rings first – its a bit faster – then the mobile rings. The user can answer in either device. Inbound Settings Inbound settings are set for the user.

Fastcall Devices: Softphone and SIP Phone

Softphones are super easy. Plug in a high-quality USB headset and you are ready to go. Softphones are super easy for outbound calls and can answer inbound calls. The one drawback of a softphone is that it relies on the browser to connect your calls. And the browser uses the computer OS (Windows, MacOS or… Read more »

Fastcall Vs Salesforce Lightning Dialer

Fastcall Vs Salesforce Lightning Dialer: Which Native Salesforce Dialer Is Right For You? Your company has made the smart choice to invest in Salesforce. Check. Now it is ready to make another smart choice – the implementation of a dialer. Gone are the days where a sales team has to waste time with the tedious… Read more »