Fastcall Dial by List and Planned Calls

Fastcall planned calls are set for individual records over a time period. Example 5 calls in 5 weeks. Fastcall will schedule each planned call after the completed call. When added, Fastcall schedules the followup calls using a default timing which can be edited. Days are expressed in the number of days after the prior call.

We will report the dates of the planned and actual calls for detailed reporting. Call results and record status can be set to trigger achieved or failed goals. Planned calls have accomplished and failed criteria. The criteria set can be call results and field values. Example: Call Result = Conversation. An example of a field value might be Lead Status. Meeting the accomplished or failed criteria stops the call plan.

Each planned call creates a new call record with a status = planned. For example, after Call1 is completed, a new call is created with Status = Planned. The planned call is completed from the call record. Your list of planned calls can be inserted into the Fastcall dial by list. There is a sample View in the application with planned calls.

After a completed call a new call record will be created with status equal “Planned”
Completing a planned call
Completed call reports the Planned Start Time, Actual Start Time and Call Number.
Call goal criteria
Call Results or field updates control “accomplished” criteria or failed.
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