Fastcall’s Salesforce connected app logs and records customer interactions via phone SMS, and video. Discover why Fastcall is the best fit for you, here.

How Is the Fastcall Salesforce Connected App Different?

Fastcall is a fantastic add-on to Salesforce. Our app saves hours in lost productivity by logging every call with no data loss. Call duration, call result, notes, call type, and more.

We create planned goals to help your team hit their goals.

With our softphone, your users are on a headset and their computers to make calls. This option typically replaces your phone hardware.

Fastcall can record calls, control caller ID, drop voice mails, transfer calls, etc. We have very capable inbound call routing.

The app is very simple to set-up with no capital expense. Installed from the Salesforce AppExchange.

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What are the advantages of Fastcall in the Salesforce CTI category?

  1. Fastcall is Salesforce native; 100% installed in Salesforce. There is no stand-alone app, and Fastcall does not work in other CRMs. Native architecture gives us both a performance edge and an advantage in focus.
  2. Our app is easy-to-use. And while more lightweight, we do not lack enterprise capability. Fastcall is not overloaded with complexity. Your Sales team will use Fastcall with only a few minutes of training.
  3. Fastcall is priced competitively at $600 /user/year. We offer a monthly option at $60/user/month. Usage fees for phones, minutes and SMS are additive.

These advantages and our focus on customer satisfaction have made Fastcall the highest-rated, Salesforce-native phone sales automation application in the AppExchange.

PS. In the AppExchange you want to look at reviews (Fastcall is a perfect 5 stars), the date last update (Fastcall releases monthly updates) and the contents of the package (custom objects, etc.)

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