In the last release, we moved the settings menu in the Fastcall widget. Before we had a hamburger menu in the upper left and a gear icon in the upper right. We consolidated the settings in one list under the hamburger menu. The individual settings should be the same for users. In this menu, users pick phones, caller ID and more. Fastcall will remember the settings until changed.

We also created a new section in the admin settings named call handling we combined outbound, inbound, IVR, 3-way call settings, call recording, listen-in and call transfer. We are actively working on call transfer and listen-in.

Fastcall is adding the option for a cold call transfer using two call legs vs the current conference call. With a cold call transfer, the users transfer the call then drops.

With a warm transfer, the caller stays on the call – with three legs – to introduce the transferred party.

In the Fastcall dashboard you will find a new option to dial your list of missed calls as we do today with dial by list. In the dashboard, the user will filter by missed calls then dial. Combining this with voicemail drop is a super way to follow-up on these missed calls.

Phone provisioning added new countries and improved tollfree number search.



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