Fastcall Hold Functionality

Fastcall has added a call hold function. While on an active call – inbound, outbound, or internal – the user can now answer or initiate a second call.

This new functionality is supported in standard 2-leg calls. It is not currently compatible with Listen-in or Warm Transfer which use a 3-way conference call.

Fastcall - call on hold.
A second inbound call is holding.

Fastcall SMS Can Be Invoked by Process Builder

Fastcall can now be integrated into the Salesforce Process Builder. Fastcall operations (sending an SMS or initiating an outbound call) can be invoked from within a Process Builder flow definition, through an Apex action type. For example, send SMS when a new lead is created.

Fastcall is added Action Type = Apex

Quick Action Enables Outbound Calls in Salesforce Mobile

There is a new Lightning Component named “Fastcall” that can be added to your page layout in Salesforce mobile. Fastcall dials the user first on the mobile device. This is received as an inbound call for the user. Fastcall then dials the number on the record. Calls will be logged in Salesforce. This happens inside the Salesforce Mobile application, and not in a separate Fastcall installed application. Caller ID can be set and calls can be recorded. Other functionality may not be available such as voicemail drop.

Note: The user must dial with the Fastcall custom button. The phone number can be removed from the page layout to allow the user access only through the Fastcall button.

Fastcall Lightning Component to Dial from Salesforce Mobile
Fastcall is added to the page layout

Other updates

  • Improvements to call logging
  • Support for regulatory bundles (required in some markets to provision phones)
  • Other bug fixes
  • The complete Changelog is here
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