FastCall has a Happy New Year announcement!

For FastCall, it is not only a new year, but its also our one year anniversary. In January 2013 FastCall founders, Rich Rosen and Antonio Grassi, released a lightweight click to call app in the AppExchange.

After nearly 40 package updates, we have released a significant redesign.

Update the package via the AppExchange. Just install over the existing application. Your settings are retained, no other setup is required.

In the last 12 months FastCall has added 100s of users around the world; 24 fantastic reviews (avg 5 stars) and most importantly, we have helped clients like you improve phone sales performance.

We love to hear hear from our subscribers and have taken your valuable feedback to improve FastCall with 30+ updates in this new package. To start, we significantly updated the app layout as you can see in the image below.

New FastCall app layout

We reorganized our Admin Tab into new sub-tabs for FastCall Settings, Users, Telecom, International / Advance Settings and Contact Us. We have also moved our setup instructions and helpful tips directly into the app. We want to make it easier for you to setup and use the application; and when you need to contact us, you can do so from within the app.


Now settings for the Salesforce Home Page Component can be found in our first tab. The FastCall “widget” is where you log and score your calls. And now you can log and score Inbound or Internal Calls.


I am excited to tell you about a new feature we added to Call Score to update Lead Status based on Call Score Values. After your first call, Lead status can be triggered to update from “new” to “working.” And after the Nth call, status can update from “working to “drip marketing.” The specific values are taken from your existing lead status dropdown.


We are big proponents of bucketing leads this way: New leads, working leads, old leads. A simple, but powerful way to organize Salesforce data into phone sales campaigns.

BTW, all logging and scoring features are now available in our free edition.

Another big change is the Telecom tab. We have moved all our Twilio settings here. And we have given you more control over the application

  1. Call recording can be turned on/off for all users
  2. Phone options (or modes) can be on/off for all users (softphone, no dial, etc)
  3. Recorded calls can be deleted in bulk
  4. Added your Twilio account SID for easy reference along with links to your Twilio logs
  5. Added letters to the softphone keypad
  6. Delete button added to Task to delete Twilio call recordings
  7. Last, we want you to know we are far from resting. We will have another packed release in a few weeks including support for Sales Console.


Happy New Year and thank you for being a FastCall client.


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