We have many updates in our 4.3 Version. But we want to tell you, which in our opinion, are the best in this new release. IVR actions now support both days of the week and time of day for routing rules. We have improvements on our data model to track IVR & phone numbers as lookups. Other exciting updates are call transfer, inbound calls to a hardphone and SMS forwarding.

We improved our IVR settings to allow both the days of the week and the time of the day for each action.

As part of our new data model, the Fastcall custom “call” object now has a lookup to interactive voice response (IVR) on the child object “connection” and there is a lookup to phone number (for Outbound and Inbound calls.) For inbound calls the call will be linked to the inbound number receiving the call. For outbound calls, the call will be linked with the outbound caller ID. These improvements let you create reports to know calls per IVR and per inbound phone number.


  • When an inbound call rings a non-softphone call receiver, Fastcall shows the user that the call is ringing and answered in another device.
  • Also we give an option to relate the call to another record by clicking on the search record button.
  • Fastcall improved the logic used when an inbound call is ringing Fastcall searches for a related record in Salesforce by caller ID.
  • Fastcall updated SMS to automatically split long texts into a series of smaller texts. The limit is 1450 characters. Users now see this as a single SMS in the widget.
  • Fastcall improved the process to create a new lead from an inbound call.
  • We improved inbound ACD routing to a group.
  • Fixed a bug with the answer screen when using simulring and hardphone.
  • We improved Twilio connect settings to better accommodate sbox installs.
  • Fastcall implemented new landing pages for users and admins.

Fastcall offers many options to customize call subject for outbound, inbound, ACD and missed calls. These options include appending “Call Time/Date”, “Call Result + Call Time/Date” and “Contact Name @ Time/Date” to the subject string you type on Fastcall widget. Call subject and call results are available both in the native Salesforce Task, and as fields in the Fastcall data model.

Inbound call wait time is the time that the inbound caller stayed on the line until an agent takes the call. I.e: An inbound call arrives to number associated to a group with 3 users, user 1 phone rings for 20 seconds with no-answer result, user 2 phone rings for 15 seconds with no answer response, finally user 3 ringed for 5s answered and completed the call. The call wait time in this case will show 40 seconds.

  • Fixed a bug related to voicemail drop and call logging.
  • Fastcall improve call transfer. When the call to the target for call transfer fails or the user is busy, the widget displays a notification so the user can choose another target for call transfer.
  • Fastcall worked on the area around missed calls and replies. We are showing when an outbound is a reply to a missed inbound call.
  • Calls to a lead that has a wrong number will optionally create an open activities with the subject “Invalid phone number (+xxxxx)”
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