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  • User prompt to become available after an inbound call when the user is offline
  • Improved caller ID and dialed number for inbound calls
  • New functionality using Salesforce Campaigns for dialing lists
  • Improved IVR hold options
  • Updated capability for call recordings
  • Deleted phones in Fastcall are maintained with status = deleted

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fastcall Version 6.52 may require an update to the Salesforce Site Guest User. There should be a Fastcall Site User Permission Set. If the permission set is not present this must be added. Fastcall can also add this for you via support access.

User Status Prompt

Fastcall User Status
Fastcall User Status

Campaign Member Status Can Be Updated After a Call

Fastcall Dial by List
Fastcall Dial by List

Updated Buttons for Call Record

Fastcall Call Record Has New Options
Fastcall Call Record Has New Options

Past Updates:

  • Support for High-Velocity Sales
  • SMS templates with merge, improvements to threaded messages
  • Improved Fastcall support process (case creation)
  • Added UI for inbound phone lookup
  • Improved phone page layout
  • User settings – caller ID and device
  • Added name and called number (To phone) to inbound calls
  • Custom button add to the call object to fetch call details from Twilio
  • Updates to Twilio provisioning for new installs
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