Fastcall Version 6.40 is here! 

In Versions 6.40 you will find SMS in a thread view combined with the SMS  template merge feature; user-friendly UI for blocking an unwanted inbound phone number. We improved lead creation from the widget adding the option to pick your desired fields. 

Fastcall’s commitment to Salesforce shows in our frequent updates in the Salesforce AppExchange. If you have any ideas for new features, please reach out to us at

SMS in a thread view

SMS in a thread view to give you a holistic view of conversation to make your conversation more easy and effective.

SMS template merge

Merge SMS template feature helps to customize the SMS with very little effort. You can send a highly customized SMS to your clients for a more personal touch and client-specific accurate information by adding data from the specific record fields. The merge fields work much like an email merge.

Like this: 

“Hi {!FirstName}. You are {!Title} at {!Account.Name}? 

We often work with companies in {!Business_Category__c}. 

This phone {!Phone} is the best number to call you? 

User-friendly UI for blocking phone numbers

The new user interface provides a better view and management of blocked numbers. You can now search for blocked phone numbers


Manage Desired Fields on Lead creation

One can have the option to add fields of his choice when creating a lead from the widget. Drag and drop lead fields of your choice make it more customized.

IVR with Play Message Option 

Play message option facilitates the user to set an entry/exit point IVR. This new option plays a recorded message.

Audio settings indicators

The new audio indicator (used with the softphone) provides a helping hand to identify any connectivity issues during the call. Audio from the input or output device is visualized.

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