FastCall Version 3.1 is packed with even more awesome updates adding the to big huge 3.0 release.

  1. Widget now has real time notification showing Starting / Connecting / Connected; with color changes at each stage
  2. Twilio section now accepts an address for international phone number provisioning
  3. Call subject is now significantly improved; append call result, date / time and more to the subject. Or chose to not show the subject box.
  4. New custom button on task to lookup Salesforce contacts by “from” phone number
  5. Improved notes box.
  6. Option to “circle again” with round robin call distribution
  7. Advanced setting for caller ID when transferring call
  8. Other bug fixes

Up next: IVR options; press 1, press 2. Improvements to call transfer; call results suboptions; log a case similar to opportunity lookup.

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