In the last release, we created a new section in the admin settings named call handling we combined outbound, inbound, IVR, 3-way call settings, call recording, listen-in, and call transfer.

  • Coaching using Twilio agent conference (manager whispers to a user).
  • Cold call transfer (using 2 call legs vs a 3-way conference call.)
  • Updated call transfer settings with a new option for transfer phone.
  • Improved widget menu to show device and caller ID selections
  • Users can now create new leads directly in the Fastcall widget.
  • Require a related record before ending a call
  • Dial by list added to the Fastcall dashboard
  • “Assign call” button added to call object
  • Improved Twilio phone sync (when transferring numbers to Twilio)
  • Updates to call results settings
  • New widget menu
  • Improved SMS UI
  • Improved call goals
  • Input / output devices added to the widget

In this update, we actively worked on call transfer and listen-in. Fastcall added the option for a cold call transfer using two call legs vs the current conference call. With a cold call transfer, the users transfer the call then drops.

With a warm transfer, the caller stays on the call – with three legs – to introduce the transferred party.


You will also find a new option to create a lead in the widget.



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