Dial by List now works in Lightning

In this new release we enabled Dial by List for Lightning, and we improved the overall UX when dialing a set of record. With the new approach, Dial by List is now compatible with Lightning, Classic and Sales Console. Also we updated the UI in order to be consistent with Lightning Design System.

In this new version, the “Dial next Record” button is now accessible in all the views while in a call. This button let you choose if you want to continue dialing the next record on the list or terminate the Dial by List sequence.

Lightning UI

Another major update is that now the sidebar is always visible on Lightning, thus providing a faster end-user experience.

Redesigned My Settings section

For this release we improved our Fastcall Settings page. You will find a new and fresh UI for My Settings. Also included some changes to help Fastcall Administrators, so it’s clear whether they are modifying their personal settings, or global settings.

Improved SMS with separate Subject and Status

You can now choose a default Task Subject for Inbound and Outbound SMS messages, separate from your calls Task Subject configuration. In the same line, there’s now a separate setting for SMS Tasks Status.

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