Fastcall IVR Update – Conditional Routing (beta)

Fastcall has added filters for IVR routing. This filter can be applied when the IVR starts looking for a Salesforce record that matches the criteria set. Like other Fastcall IVRs there are two options with two sub-IVRs. When your criteria is met and not met. For example, you can set a route based on the record owner or Lead status.

Tags for SMS Templates

Fastcall has added Tags to SMS templates. You create the Tags first, then these are available to associate with the SMS template. Users can filter by Tags or search by template name.

Fastcall SMS Templates and Tags

Call Quality Feedback

Calls can be rated and feedback set. Fastcall has added a new custom object “Quality Event”.

Call Feedback
Send Feedback

Bug Fixes

HVS (Salesforce High Velocity Sales) sales cadence not advancing
Internal calls – two subjects were visible
Creating a Lead in Salesforce Mobile
Calling from Salesforce Mobile
Call recording stoped when a call was on hold
Notification for inbound SMS

In Development…

Fastcall is working on an improved SMS experience with folders for SMS templates, threaded SMS in a Lightning Component, and an updated UI for SMS. We are also updating call termination with an improved UI, new options for Call Results and tags.

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