Coming in FastCall Version 3.70

FastCall will support logging a call to a case, much as we log calls to opportunities today.

We will refactor call logging with the addition of a new custom object for calls. This will help log calls across multiple objects (cases, opportunities, etc.) And also improve reporting for the inbound ACD. When a call rings multiple users, we want to improve how we report which users are dialed and the end result of the inbound call (answered or missed.)

In FastCall Version 3.60 we focused on inbound call distribution; added agent login and logout times to the user status page; and the ability to automatically logout users after missed calls. We improved how we managed groups assignments call distribution, recordings and phones. Under user settings, we consolidated calling devices used for outbound calls and call receivers used for inbound calls. The new setting is Devices.


Migrate users in Salesforce Groups to FastCall groups
Improve logging to Opportunities and Cases
Inbound call logging
Widget formatting
IVR time based routing
Fixed bug w call transfer in IVR
SMS enable existing phones
Move phones, recorded messages to new FastCall groups

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