Fastcall Version 8.3.6

Introduction to 8.3.6 Explore our latest update, where we’ve polished UI elements, fixed various bugs, and added exciting new features to enhance your experience. Following, we present some of these changes. Bulk User Status Update We’re excited to introduce a powerful enhancement to the Subscriber API in this release: the ability to update the status… Read more »

Fastcall Version 4.2 [OUTDATED]

This summer we announced a major update FASTCALL VERSION 4.2 The Fastcall widget has a completely updated front end  – 100% Salesforce Lightning Design System (LDS.) The new Fastcall widget has a fixed height to better accommodate Salesforce Lighting Experience. We moved all navigation within the widget to a left sidebar; no more resizing up… Read more »

Fastcall Version 4.1 [OUTDATED]

Following our major widget update in Fastcall version 4.0, we release Version 4.1. Overflow action in IVR – call can now be transferred to a phone number not associated with a user and this does not require a user license. When calls are routed to a Fastcall user, that user can be offline or logged… Read more »

Fastcall Recognized as a Salesforce Dialer by Fastcall is A Salesforce Dialer Like No Other The days of Salesforce and the telephone being mutually exclusive tools are no more. With the introduction of Fastcall, a “smart” softphone application native to Salesforce, companies can now integrate their telephony, scheduling, and note taking system as never before. Read Full Article

Fastcall in News

Fastcall in, the preferred Internet location for information, products, and services relevant to the CRM user marketplace and Fastcall V4 has been there. Fastcall V4 by

Advanced Sales Analytics Introduced in Fastcall V4

The new version records in-depth call activity for a better analysis of sales habits and increased sales productivity – all based on real-time data. San Francisco (CA) at Twilio Signal Conference – May 24, 2017 – Fastcall, a provider of the leading native Salesforce dialer announces today the availability of Fastcall version 4. The new… Read more »

Fastcall Version 4.0

In the next few weeks you will find a major redesign to our widget, and a major refactor to our data model. Our subscribers have pushed us for many amazing improvements. As we added new features our application grew to accommodate the expanded capability. But we have outgrown the current widget. Over FastCall’s last ten… Read more »

Phone Sales: Train Early, Train Often.

Clients often ask my advice on building their sales team and the best time to use FastCall. Sometimes I hear “let us get our team hired and trained, then we can use FastCall.” The BEST time to have FastCall is during new hire on ramp. Logging, scoring and recording calls are great tools used to train a new team. Heck, use FastCall… Read more »