Clients often ask my advice on building their sales team and the best time to use FastCall. Sometimes I hear “let us get our team hired and trained, then we can use FastCall.”

The BEST time to have FastCall is during new hire on ramp. Logging, scoring and recording calls are great tools used to train a new team. Heck, use FastCall for training then drop the app.

Why train the wrong way to do something, then add a the right tool later? Give your new hires the best tools on Day 1. Let them taste success.

Managers often put too much effort on the closed sale and not enough on training. By the time you have a problem w sales, or lack thereof, it might be too late to train. Get involved earlier.

FastCall helps w training and allows you to give immediate positive feedback.

  • “Great effort making 80 calls today”
  • “Great results getting your presentation rate to 15%”

Its a funnel

  1. calls
  2. presentations
  3. sales

Focus on the first two, and the 3rd comes. Train early, train often.

Sales is a hard hard job. Make it easier.