The new version records in-depth call activity for a better analysis of sales habits and increased sales productivity – all based on real-time data.

San Francisco (CA) at Twilio Signal Conference – May 24, 2017 – Fastcall, a provider of the leading native Salesforce dialer announces today the availability of Fastcall version 4. The new version enables sales representatives to accelerate their enterprise sales productivity levels while optimizing the time they spend prospecting and qualifying new clients, right from the Salesforce interface.

Based on a recent CSO Insights report, over 40% of sales organizations are looking to increase their sales effectiveness. The common sales representative spends only 33% of the time selling. The remaining time is consumed by administrative and manual tasks, such as dialing numbers, call logging, notes taking and report making.

Using Fastcall V4, a native Salesforce application powered by Twilio, sales representatives can automate their daily robust phone tasks. Directly using Salesforce, Fastcall facilitates softphone calls, logs inbound and outbound calls with detailed insight about call experience. Advanced outbound capabilities include: dial by list, voicemail drop and caller ID control for better localization. For inbound calls, Fastcall provides notifications when important incoming contacts call by popping the record in Salesforce. The application also automatically routes inbound calls to a user’s office phone, mobile phone, or to a roll-over from phone to phone. Version 4 is now 100% Lightning ready, using Salesforce Lightning Design System (LDS) for better clarity, efficiency, consistency and usability.

Every sales representative can analyze on hold/wait time, connected/talk time, time on voicemail, per call and per call segment. Having clean and clear data is critical for the increased effectiveness of the sales organization. “Fastcall enables sales representatives to reach complete automation in a few hours, within the familiar Salesforce environment,” says Richard Rosen, CEO and co-founder at Fastcall. “Our clients report immediate improvements in sales productivity, as they gain daily insights from the aggregate sales analytics,” adds Rosen.

Fastcall has received a remarkable vote of client satisfaction, being one of the only sales productivity applications on AppExchange with over 70 straight five-star reviews. Fastcall continues its effort to respond quickly to sales representative’s needs. Version 4 is part of the effort to provide an easy-to-use, enterprise robust application with light cloud performance. Visit the Fastcall site to learn more about how Fastcall Salesforce dialer can strengthen your sales team, while offering you up-to-date sales analytics to improve your organization’s bottom line.

About Fastcall

Founded in 2011, the company provides a sales productivity automation system that boosts the marketing power of Salesforce by prospecting and qualifying leads to make buying decisions. Fastcall also helps internet sites to be responsive to web leads and close the inside sales loops from lead to final sale. Fastcall is a Twilio Fund Alumni that offers a Salesforce native application that enables call logging, softphone outbound dialing, inbound call routing, and native Salesforce SMS integration. Fastcall transfers phone activity data into sales analytics and productivity reports, improving sales quality and effectiveness rates.

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