Significant improvements in FastCall version 3.0

  • Complete refactor using Salesforce Lightning Design
  • New panel for recorded messages (voicemail, IVR, greetings)
  • Phone number management is improved
  • More messages and better admin for voicemail drop
  • Improved inbound contact lookup
  • Adding and managing users is much easier
  • Voice greeting for ACD
  • Voicemail drop w/o a conference call
  • Performance improvements to speed up the connection to Twilio
  • Inbound call search matches Salesforce record
  • Improvements to widget
  • Improved support for person accounts
  • Other bugs fixes

FastCall settings are now in the left sidebar (this is Salesforce Lightning Design):

User Panel
Call logger
Call score
Automated messages

  • User Panel
  • Subscription
  • Call logger
  • Call score
  • Outbound
  • Inbound
  • Phones
  • Automated messages
  • Regional
  • VoIP
  • Advanced
  • Support

User Panel – Add users in one click. FastCall now manages the application license, permission sets and call center file. The user panel also allows the admin to manage user settings for each FastCall user including phones and call receivers. This is a nice improvement!

FastCall Subscription – We list the number of licenses provisioned and used; as well as the capability for Sales or Sales+ Editions.

Call Logger – Settings related to your Salesforce Task are managed under Call Logger. Call results, task subject, task picklist fields and other task settings. These settings have not changed much, but are better organized. We do have a pending improvement to how we manage call results.

Call Goals – Mostly unchanged, but we have improvements planned.

Outbound Calls – We moved the widget settings here. You pick which phones to show in the widget. Conference settings control voicemail drop, call transfer and listen-in.

Automated messages – This is a new capability where you can manage recorded messages for the org: user and ACD voicemail; outbound voicemail drops, IVR greetings.

Inbound Calls – Voicemail, missed calls,

Phone Number – Phone number management now combines verification of existing numbers and provisioning net new numbers. And we added sorting and search. Verified numbers are assigned to users, a group or are used org-wide. Provisioned numbers are similarly assigned to users, ACD (a Salesforce group,) or org-wide (used for BeLocal, our local caller ID.) Speaking of ACD, settings managed in a subtab. Call recording, ACD rotation, voicemail, and the IVR greeting which is new. Site – the last change. We now look for all sites in your org and give them in a drop down. You no longer have to cut’ n paste the site URL. BUT, you already did this .. no nevermind.

So what’s next?

  • New FastCall widget
  • Basic IVR – Press 1, press 2. Dial users by extension.
  • Improved call result management
  • More options for call subject
  • Inbound ACD – more routing options
  • Log a call to Salesforce case
  • Time of day routing
  • SMS
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