FastCall Updates (Free 1.50 / Training 1.51 / Sales 1.52)

In this update you will find many front-end application improvements. We also spent much of the last few weeks working on a few backend tasks getting ready for major release in early May:

  • Phone number provisioning and inbound call routing
  • Implementing OpenCTI

Release Notes:

Updates on the Task record:

  • Added “call time” field on Task
  • Call result for failed / busy/ no answer calls set automatically
  • Close Task when calling from an open Task
  • Option to show call duration in minutes (vs seconds)
  • Option to show notes on the Salesforce field for comments

 Updates to Call Score

  • Minutes from lead creation to first call
  • Calls this month
  • Call last 30 days
  • Call this year
  • Call last 12 months

Telecom Updates

  • Twilio usage report under Telecom settings
  • Support for extension on user phone
  • Added Country Code setting to FastCall User Tab

Updated Reports

  • Calls Sorted by Result (Call Result from the FastCall app)
  • Calls Sorted by User
  • Presentation Rates (calls over/ under 3 minutes)
  • Leads and Recorded Calls
  • Leads and Call Score
  • Contacts and Recorded Calls
  • Contacts and Call Score
  • Leads, Tasks and Twilio Billing
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