What is 8×8?

8×8 is a business phone, video, chat, and contact center service, and this 8×8 review will tell you why small businesses looking for an affordable, reliable platform sometimes choose it.

By offering phone, video, chat, and contact center options, 8×8 is an all-in-one platform that streamlines workflows helping to optimize teams. 

One of the top features of 8×8 is that it integrates with all other CRM software businesses use, making it easy for companies to increase productivity. 

Why 8×8?

Businesses enjoy 8×8 for all of the top-of-the-line features that increase work productivity and help small businesses focus on growing their company. 

8×8 is a cloud communication platform, making it easy for users to incorporate the software directly into their CRM and find ease in integrating it into their day-to-day. 

If you use Salesforce as your CRM, you may want to consider Fastcall as it is the best Salesforce native app for calling, SMS, and video.

8×8 Review

Is 8×8 worth the cost?

  • When individuals look on the 8×8 website for plans and prices, they can choose from three options, unified communications, contact center, and all-in-one contact center and communications. 
  • Pricing begins at $12/user/month for the unified communications and ranges up to $44/user/month. 
  • For the added Contact Center, pricing ranges from $95/user/month to $133/user/month. 
8x8 Review - services


Can you use 8×8 on a cell phone?

  • Yes, download the mobile phone app for iOS and Android devices. 
  • When individuals use their desktops and laptops, a Mac and Windows desktop app is at their disposal. 

8×8’s Features

8×8 has all the necessary features businesses look for, including call management, VoIP systems collaboration, and cloud PBX.

One of the top features of 8×8 is the availability of the mobile app for iOS and Android allowing businesses who work remotely to optimize workflows so they never miss a beat. 

Features include:

  • Advanced call forwarding 
  • chat/messaging
  • Online meetings 
  • Internet faxing 
  • Call recording 
  • Global dial plan option 
  • Call quality analytics 
  • And more

Best For

8×8 is best for small businesses seeking an affordable, efficient communication system and call center software. 


  • Quality features 
  • Mobile app for easy use 
  • Wide range of pricing plans 
  • Supportive customer services 
  • Easy CRM integrations 


  • Limited customizability 
  • Difficult to schedule meetings 
  • Issues importing contacts from Google 
  • Best suited only for smaller businesses


Pricing for 8×8 begins at $15/user/month and ranges up to $44/user/month. Users can pay monthly or annually and get started in minutes. For all of the included features in each package, visit their website. 

8x8 Review - pricing


8×8 Alternatives


8x8 Review - Fastcall logo.

What is it?

With a five-star rating from customers, Fastcall is the top business communication software for businesses that utilize Salesforce as their CRM platform. Fastcall is explicitly made for companies using Salesforce and includes inbound and outbound calling, messaging, and video calling. 

Businesses looking for communication software should get the most out of their Salesforce commitment by integrating Fastcall. On top of the communication features, Fastcall includes reporting, SMS messaging, screen sharing, and info management. These features help business teams optimize their productivity and focus on the growth of their business. 

Included features:

  • Click-to-dial 
  • Screen sharing 
  • Text SMS, video, and phone 
  • Tracking and monitoring communications 
  • Analytics/reporting 
  • Call recording 

Best for

Fastcall is best for businesses who already use Salesforce as their CRM platform because it is made especially for Salesforce integration. 

Small and large businesses will benefit from Fastcall’s outstanding features and communication versatility. All teams benefit from Fastcall’s excellent features. 


  • Screen sharing and click-to-dial features 
  • Inbound and outbound calling and messaging 
  • high-quality user experience 


  • Only available for Salesforce integration 


Fastcall is affordable, convenient, and integrates directly into Salesforce, optimizing businesses’ Salesforce commitment. Make the most of your Salesforce subscription and waste no time integrating Fastcall. 

Individuals can try Fastcall for free for 14 days, 100% free. When they’re ready to commit, the essential package begins at $24/user/mo, and the pro package starts at $49/user/mo. Contact Fastcall if your business needs custom pricing. 

8x8 Review - Fastcall pricing



8x8 Review - Dialpad logo


What is it?

DialPad is a business communication platform that is affordable and offers optimal customer support for users. With 100% uptime, DialPad includes features such as conversation insights, group messaging, voice recognition, and more. 

DialPad is great for businesses small and large who need a communication platform to support their growing business. 

Included features:

  • VoIP calling 
  • Call routing 
  • Omnichannel support 
  • Inbound/outbound calling 

Best for

Small, mid-sized, and larger businesses all benefit from DialPad. Larger companies should call DialPad for a custom quote. 


  • Visual voicemail 
  • Three-way calling 
  • HD video 


  • Challenging accessibility 
  • Difficult user interface


DialPad is affordable, and their pricing packages include the standard $15/user/mo and the pro package $25/user/mo. For the enterprise package, individuals are encouraged to call.

8x8 Review - Dialpad pricing



8x8 Review - Ooma logo


What is it?

Ooma is a business communication software that offers crystal-clear call quality with features including call tracking, call history, virtual receptionist, and more. 

Teams appreciate the ease of Ooma’s user platform and seamless integration possibilities. For a complete list of features, visit their website. 

Included features:

  • Voicemail transcription 
  • Call recording 
  • Mobile and desktop app 
  • Virtual receptionist 

Best for

Ooma is ideal for smaller and mid-sized businesses seeking a reliable business communication platform. 


  • Free number transfer 
  • Low international rates 
  • High number of features


  • Extra costs 
  • Video conferencing costs more


Ooma offers two business phone plans; Ooma office at $19.95/mo/user and Ooma office pro at $24.95/mo/user. We recommend checking out their website for a complete list of features included in both packages. 

8x8 Review - Ooma pricing



When picking a business communication software, it is best to consider all possibilities available, which ultimately can take a long time. 

If you are a business that already uses Salesrorce as your CRM software, do not hesitate to commit to Fastcall for business communication software. 

Fastcall is made especially for Salesforce users and includes a vast array of features that helps businesses streamline communications and optimize growth. 

Ready to start saving? Check out Fastcall today

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