Improved user settings
Fastcall had used the Salesforce user record for many of our user settings. By moving these settings off of the Salesforce user record we have been able to increase application performance.

Recent call list
Fastcall shows a recent call list in the widget. We give the option to create a lookup between a call and a Salesforce record. We have extended this lookup to past calls.

Bulk editing
Your Fastcall users are managed in the user panel. We added bulk editing option for users. You will now see a box to select your users, then an option for bulk editing. Settings available include call receivers, regions settings, call recording and voicemail. Selecting the option reveals the specific settings. Of course, each user will have the same setting when edited this way.

Added queue option to inbound ACD calls
Today, inbound calls with the auto call distribution (ACD) option ring each user in the designated group in a circle (round robin) or all at once (simulring). We have added a new option to place calls on hold until an agent becomes available. The hold option plays music and we read the position in the queue.

Added media to SMS
Fastcall SMS now accepts media (MMS); we can receive pictures, documents etc.


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