FastCall Version 3.30 will be released this week – aiming for September 17.

In our 3.2 update we hinted at IVR and SMS. These are both big additions that we started on in this cycle.

Today, FastCall allows a phone number to be assigned to a user or a Salesforce group. The group setting distributes calls via the FastCall automatic call distribution or ACD. We recently added a greeting to the ACD so that calls can be answered then routed to the group. With interactive voice response (IVR) callers are presented a menu.

Users now have extensions – and can either record their own names, or use text-to-speech (TTS) to read the name. When using the FastCall directory you can read all users with FastCall licenses or chose a group.

When a phone number is SMS enabled FastCall will give the option to send a receive messages.

Previous updates:

  • Multiple contacts can be associated to the Salesforce Task when calling a Contact or Account.
  • FastCall added an #awesome lookup between Call Result and any Salesforce object.
  • Textbox added to call transfer; and other improvements to call transfer.
  • Under Task Pick Lists, you will find a new option to create open Tasks for follow up calls.

FastCall is super excited as Dreamforce gets closer. #DF16

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