FastCall recently announced Version 3.0, a complete refactoring of our application using Salesforce Lightning UI and components.

We have been incrementally pushing updates; starting with Version 2.92. The most recent is Version 2.99.

3.0 will be the official release along with a new logo and new website.

  • Added call transfer and listen-in to inbound calls
  • The conf call setting was refactored to “Call Management
  • We no longer require a 3-way call for voicemail drop
  • The section for recorded calls is new
  • And inbound call search is now in the widget with improved the association of an inbound call to an existing record.

Please review this new section for Call Management. If you are not using listen-in or call transfer (Sales+ Edtion), you want these settings off.

You will also see incremental improvements to the widget in this 2.99 update and subsequent updates.

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