10 Tips for Choosing Outbound Calling Software

A recent study found that 82% of buyers accept meetings with sellers who reach out to them. Moreover, 57% of C-level and VP buyers prefer being contacted by phone. These statistics highlight an enduring truth – the power of human connection remains essential when conducting business. This is despite the increased popularity of digital communication.… Read more »

How to Use Salesforce: Everything You Need to Know

One way to improve customer service is to invest in customer relationship management software. A CRM is software for tracking customer interactions to enhance relationships. Today, one of the best CRMs in the market is Salesforce. Salesforce CRM can help you automate your sales pipelines, support marketing activities, and improve customer service. How do you get your… Read more »

What Is Workflow in Salesforce?

Did you know more than 31.9 million customer service interactions and 5 million sales occur daily in the Salesforce app? Sales teams often find themselves bogged down by manual, repetitive tasks that take up valuable time and resources. Without the right tools, it can be challenging to keep up with customer requests and stay organized.… Read more »

A List of Salesforce Partners

More than 150,000 businesses around the world use Salesforce. From small businesses around the corner to Fortune 500 companies, Salesforce has made a massive impact on the entire CRM industry. Salesforce helps optimize your marketing, sales, service, and IT teams through innovative cloud technology.  Salesforce partners add even more value to the platform through pre-built… Read more »

What Are Leads in Salesforce? A Beginners Guide

Did you know that nearly half of all sales teams listed the quantity and quality of new leads as their most pressing problem in terms of growth and sales? Unfortunately finding new leads is only half the battle. Quality leads are also a very important part of this equation and can’t be ignored.  For many… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Salesforce SMS Integration?

Text messaging as we know it today was first invented in 1992. Today, of course, our methods of texting are much more advanced and efficient than ever before. What many people don’t know is that texting is also a great way to connect with customers. Salesforce SMS integration is perhaps the next best thing since… Read more »

Your Guide to Salesforce SMS Integration

Do you want to take the power of Salesforce to the next level with SMS marketing but are not sure how? SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses boost sales and improve customer satisfaction. And with Salesforce SMS integration, you can make the most of this marketing channel. So don’t worry! In this… Read more »