Fastcall Updates Task Custom Fields

Fastcall has removed all custom Task fields from the package. We are now mapping these Task fields to your own custom fields or giving the option to create the fields post-installation. The fields include lookups (Calls, Connections, SMS, Voicemail) and fields for Call Recording, From Phone and To Phone.

Fastcall Task custom fields
Fastcall Task custom fields can be mapped to your own custom fields

Salesforce task object

You may know that Salesforce has a hard limit of 100 custom fields on the Task object. When we first introduced our custom data model in 2017 we removed many customer fields on the Salesforce Task and created custom objects for Calls, Connections, Attempts, Voicemail, SMS. We have recently added “Call Quality Events”. We still kept 10 custom fields on the Salesforce Task. In version 7.38 these custom fields were deleted. 

What does this mean for your org?

This means that the fields are no longer in the package for new installs. For current subscribers, the fields remain in your org, but you can now delete these fields as needed.  Custom fields in a managed package can otherwise not be edited or deleted. 

Fastcall added a table to map the custom fields to values in your org. For example, call recording. If you already have this field – perhaps even with a prior application – you can now map the call recording URL to this field. And as a bonus – the field is no longer managed so all users have access to call recording. 

For new installations

For new installations, if the field does not exist in the org, Fastcall will create the field. But we do so post-installation.

Fastcall now creates no custom fields on the Task when the application is installed. 

We deleted a few other fields

We also deleted a few fields that we no longer used or were relevant. For example, Fastcall had a custom field that copied Salesforce comments to a custom notes field (short text). This was used in Salesforce Classic to surface call notes in the related list for Tasks. Your users’ call notes will still be in the comments field. Just no longer copied to a custom field “notes.”

We do not anticipate any impact on your org. Salesforce does not allow partners to delete a field from your org. We can only allow you to delete the field. 

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